1. Change is good, right?

    I know I’m new to this area so I haven’t had a focused eye on the Bay Citizen (or the artist formerly known as the Bay Citizen) for long, but it will be interesting to see how this all works together, regarding the merger. The CIR will do what the CIR does. But will the BC be the East Bay’s version of CIR, focused on investigative journalism in the area only?

    I liked the daily news coverage of the BC, but I also like what CIR does (‘cause you have to if you care about journalism). So the BC is no longer doing the daily grind of news. Well, there is A LOT of daily grinders out here. The outlet will be missed but, it appears, it will be replaced with an even stronger CIR.

    (Still, in my short time here, I’ll miss their daily news.)